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The use of a digital app can enhance patient care. But it must deserve it.


Our medicine

Because healthcare systems deserve the best of technologies, because IT can make things easy and efficient, because digital is part of all patients’ daily life, because in-the field data are essential to enhance care pathways, DIGIKARE is born.

We strongly believe healthcare systems are moving to a patient-centric system and are switching to the “value-based” model.
We strongly believe patient engagement is mandatory for an efficient care.
We strongly believe patient are willing to share their care program data with other patients, with medical team, with institutions for enhancing the overall healthcare systems.
Our software products aim at better engaging patients, collecting massive in-the field data and analyzing care pathways data to provide advices for enhancing and valuing care program all over the world.



One surgeon, one finance manager, and 5 engineers

Jérôme Villeminot

Visionary and surgeon

My name is Jerome, I am an orthopedic surgeon and I dared to change things. After a discussion with a total knee prosthesis patient, I decided to change the medical paradigm.

Pierre-Jean Monroziés

Altruist and project planner

I strongly believe our work could significantly help changing healthcare systems. I am convinced that delivery is the priority of any project. As such, I work to channel all awesome energies of our start-up.

Pascal Recchia

Creative and mathematician

My name is Pascal Recchia

Anthony Guérot

Solid and software manager

I’m a fan of IT, and I love everything using “0s” and “1s”. Design, execution and delivery are the 3 key elements of my daily life. Today, it’s time to make them happen for a good cause.

Johan Pujol

Outdoor sports and developer

My name is Johan Pujol

Laetitia Claverie

Innovative and Biomechanical

My name is Laetitia Claverie

Anne-Laure Bougé

Robin Caramaschi

Enzo Franco


Timothée LEPERS

Delphine Kocken

Damien Appert


Margot Marguery

Alain Samuel

Lea Fleury


Data platform for valorization and improvement of orthopedic surgery care programs.


Orthopedic application to measure the patients’ quality of life after a surgery. Multiple surgeons, from public or private healthcare institutions, practicing ambulatory or standard hospitalization, are getting each other to feed Ortone with thousands of data of patients. Ortone ignites the patient-centric healthcare system.


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